(b. 1984, LENINGRAD, USSR)
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Ksenia Yurkova is an artist, curator, and researcher. Her leading artistic media is text, photography, video, and installation. The main focus of her interest was communication and language: the varieties of its substance, the possibility of conversion, mythological aspect, stereotyping (personal and political identification), problems of memory, attitudes, and reliance. Lately, the artist has researched the phenomenon of affect in its autonomous bodily emanation; in personal and political registers.

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Ksenia Yurkova is an artist, curator, and researcher, living in Austria. She considers her leading artistic media to be text, photography, video, and installation. Yurkova started her practice as a researcher in the field of political and communication theory. For a long time, the main focus of her interest was communication and language: the varieties of its substance, the possibility of conversion, its mythological aspect, stereotyping (the question of personal and political identification), problems of memory, attitudes, and reliance. Lately, the artist has been researching the phenomenon of affect in its autonomous bodily emanation; in its personal and political registers. She focuses on how a stage of individual perception, to which one can relate memory, traumatic recollection, and problems of identity construction, transforms itself into affects of the political body.
Coming a long way from political and cultural journalism, Ksenia settled in individual artistic and research practice through organising and curating cultural and art events, which allows the vital critical distance for observation and work with contemporary issues. Her approach is based on methods of language appropriation, over-affirmation, self-reflection, and self-criticism through ironic components inevitably added to the most pressing matters. As a curator, Yurkova worked in St.Petersburg based exhibition centre Tkachi until it was closed due to political censorship; launched a festival-laboratory Suoja/ Shelter in Finland, and an artist-in-residence research program InSilo in Austria. Ksenia Yurkova has taken part in numerous shows and festivals worldwide and has released several artist books. Her works are in public and private collections, mostly in Germany, France, Finland, and Austria.

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2022 Degrees, Improper Walls Gallery (Vienna, At)
2018 Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits, Fotoforum Gallery (Innsbruck, At)
2018 Habitat vol.1, Museum of Impossible Forms and HOAS Campus (Helsinki, Vantaa, Fi)
2017 Empty Expectations, The Exhibition Laboratory (Helsinki, Fi)
2016 One or Two Approaches to a Landscape, Listhus Gallery (Ólafsfjörður, ISL)
2023 Immerse! Tallinn Art Hall (Tallinn, Ee)
2022 The Tresspass is Inhabitat, FLUC (Vienna, At)
2022 @DOCUMENTA 15: Non-Human Agents During the War, documenta-Halle (Kassel, De)
2022 Fallen wie kirschblüten,
Hidden Museum (Fraxern, At)
2022 Resolution, Schloss Wolkersdorf
(Wolkersdorf, At)
2022 Identity, Pavelhaus (Graz, At)
2022 Resolution (Wolkersdorf, At)
2022 Bengali Fire, Schloss Wolkersdorf
(Wolkersdorf, At)
2021 Photobook Week Aarhus,
Godsbanen (Aarhus, DK)
2021 Photoireland Festival,
Rathfarnham Castle (Dublin, IE)
2021 Parallel Vienna Editions 21 fair,
Semperdepot (Vienna, At)
2021 Q&A. Aa-collections (Vienna, At)
2021 FOR SURE! (Hjalteyri, ISL)
2020 Kuryohin Prize Exhibition, Kuryohin Centre (St. Petersburg, RU)
2020 Backlight Festival (Tampere, Fi)
2020 Shelter Festival-Laboratory. online (Helsinki, Fi)
2020 Hold Off: the Time of Fun, Digital Spring Festival (Salzburg, At)
2019 Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum
(Athens, Gr)
2019 Shelter Festival-Laboratory, Free Arts Space (Helsinki, Fi)
2019 Kuryohin Prize Exhibition, Kuryohin Centre (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2019 You are What you Eat, Krakow Photo Month. Bunkier Sztuki Gallery (Krakow, Pl)
2019 Transeurope Project (transeurope.eu)
2019 Riga Photomonth (Riga, Lv)
2018 Barbarians, Mamuta Art and Media Center (Jerusalem, ISR)
2018 In-side Out. Center for Book Arts
(New York, USA)
2018 Shelter Festival, Free Arts Space (Helsinki, Fi)
2018 Kuvan Kevat, Project Room Gallery (Helsinki, Fi)
2018 Red May, Alkovi Gallery (Helsinki, Fi)
2018 Open Museum, Electromuseum (Moscow, Ru)
2017 Presence Festival, Berthold Center
(St. Petersburg, Ru)
2017 Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum
(Athens, Gr)
2017 Animal Logic, The Exhibition Laboratory (Helsinki, Fi)
2017 Photobookfest, Br. Lumier Center of Photography (Moscow, Ru)
2015 Kolga Tbilisi Photo (Tbilisi, Ga)
2015 Grandprix Fotofestival, OFF Piotrkowska
(Lodz, Pl)
2015 Athens Photo Festival. Benaki Museum
(Athens, Gr)
2015 PhotoEspana books (Madrid, Es)
2015 The Brownian Motion Experience, Br. Lumier Center of Photography (Moscow, Ru)
2014 Kolga Tbilisi Photo (Tbilisi, Ga)
2014 Openborder Festival (Amsterdam, Nl)
2014. Impressed. Loft Taiga (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2014 Institute.Production (Kazan, Ru)
2013 Young Russian Photographers (Ru)
2013 Fotofilmic festival (Vancouver, Ca)
2013 Age of Consent. Etagi (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2020 Bundeskanzleramt Startstipendium (At)
2020 Niederösterreich Stipendium (At)
2020 Kone Residency (Fi)
2020 Kuryohin Prize shortlist (Ru)
2019 Helsinki City Project Grant (Fi)
2019 Kuryohin Prize shortlist (Ru)
2019 TAIKE Project Grant (Fi)
2019 Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant (Fi)
2018 TAIKE Mobility (Fi)
2018 AIR- Artist in Residence Krems (At)
2018 Kuno Express (EU)
2017 STEP Grant (Nl)
2017 The Russian Photounion Prize (Ru)
2017 Photobookfest shortlist (Moscow, Ru)
2017 UNIARTS Grant (Fi)
2016 The Russian Photounion Prize (Ru)
2016 Dummy Awards Kassel shortlist (Ge)
2015 Skammdegi Artist-in-Residence Prize (ISL)
2014 Gomma Photography Grant (UK)
2013 The Russian Photounion Prize (Ru)
2013 Kuryohin Prize shortlist (Ru)

2018 In Der Ecke, private publishing, 88 Pages
2018 Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits, private publishing, 94 Pages
2016 Roads Closed, private publishing, 70 Pages
2015 Empty Expectations, private publishing, 140 Pages
2014 Letters for Two, and No-One Else, Dostoevsky Publishing, 162 Pages
2018 Food as Structural Unit of Politics, Transmitter of Memory, and Matter of Art, Print Book, 60 Pages

2022 Bodies in Resonance, an artist talk, Improper Walls Gallery (Vienna, At)
2021 Anti-conference PoleTelo: the Field of Corporeality (St. Petersburg, RU)
2021 Reading Group with Corina Apostol, in the frames of the Photoireland Festival, Rathfarnham Castle (Dublin, IE)
2020 Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence
in Art & Science Conference 2020, The University of Applied Arts (Vienna, At)
2020 Hidden Affects, lecture performance for Fotodepartament and Tochka.Art Magazine (St. Petersburg, RU)
2017 Public talk during Suomi Art Fair (Helsinki, FI)
2016 Invited portfolio reviewer and a lecturer for the photo parade in Uglich (Uglich, RU)

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2016/2018 University of the Arts, Academy of Fine Art, MA in Time and Space Art (Helsinki, Fi)
2013/2015 Fotodepartament.Institute (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2008/2010 Postgraduate, St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Journalism, Theory of Communications Department
2002/2008 St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Journalism, Visual Journalism Department, graduated with honours

2022 Workshop "Resolution" with Gerald Nestler (Wolkersdorf, At)
2020/2021 Mentorship Program with Anne Faucheret, Academy of Fine Art (Vienna, At)
2018 AIR-Artist-in-Residence Niederösterreich (Krems, At)
2018 Transeurope Project Selected Artist (EU)
2017/2019 Mentorship Program UNIARTS with Angela Rosenberg and Pilvi Takala (Helsinki, Fi)
2018 Cassis AIR (Cassis, Fr)
2017 Somos Arts Residency (Berlin, Ge)
2017 UNIARTS Residency (Berlin, Ge)
2015/2016 Artist-in-Residence (Scammdegi Awards)
(Listhus, ISL)
2015 Portfolio-Review during the Grandprix Fotofestival (Lodz, Pl)
2015 Portfolio-Review during the IPPR run by Fotodepartament (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2015 Portfolio-Review during the Kaunas PhotoFesival (Kaunas, Lt)
2015 Portfolio-Review in The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki, Fi)
2013-2015 studying in Fotodepartament.Institute (Overcoming the Photography - the master course by Nadezhda Sheremetova; Postgraduate Photography - the master course by Nadezhda Sheremetova) (St. Petersburg, RU)
2013 The workshop with Jaap Scheeren
(St. Petersburg, Ru)
2012 Photography residence (Zarechny, Ru)
2012 Portfolio-Review in frames of Nordic Photography experience (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2011/2012 Handprinting study at St. Petersburg Workshops, (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2022/ present - coordinator at Artists at Risk (AR) (Helsinki, Fi)
2020/ present - founder, curator, artist
at AIR InSilo (Hollabrunn, At)
2020 Curator at CulturaFest (Helsinki, Fi)
2018/2020 Founder, curator, and organiser of the Suoja/ Shelter Festival-Laboratory (Helsinki, Fi)
2018 Internship at FLUSS- Society for the promotion of photo- and media art (Wolkersdorf, At)
2017 Internship at the Aalto Pavilion of the Venice Biennale (Venice, It)
2014/2016 Freelance organiser of cultural events (together with Fotodepartament) (St. Petersburg, Ru)
2014/2016 Art critic and journalist at Photographer.ru and Aroundart.com (Moscow, Ru)
2014/2016 Educator at St. Petersburg State University, Department of the Arts
(St. Petersburg, Ru)
2011/2020 Documentary/ reportage photographer (St. Petersburg, Ru/ Helsinki, Fi/ Vienna, At)
2012/2013 Exhibition director and curator at Tkachi Exhibition Space (St. Petersburg, Ru)