• ksenia yurkova

    Superposition 2016-2017


    video on Vimeo 

    «I’m in a crowded marketplace. I’m passing along an endless row. I’m not picky this time. I’m choosing an image. I’m, too, being chosen. I need to meet a person. I know my intention. I need to know this person’s intention. I know he would keep himself in a safe zone. He would see me at his place. He would pose me in his common environment. He needs a presence of another person looking at him. He needs a presence of another person to pose. A person would be placed in a center, I’d be hiding behind. He could stop anytime he liked. Communication could be symmetrical. Phallocentric communication could be symmetrical. Every communication is phallocentric. It feels fine to be alienated from own depiction. Gaze can be not possessive. 

    I come to a place. I look at a person. We have a short talk. I’m preparing. I let him present himself any way he likes. To choose a sequence. I’m being watched by a person. It takes time. I start to contemplate his forehead. Apparently, he does the same. In an hour I’m tired and frustrated. I need a reward. Anybody would need in my place».

    This project approaches the topic of relations and reliance through the contemporary social media, which can give one an illusion of safety and close-ness from the one hand, and may seem an exploitative non-empathetic game from the other. I am exploring the young people aged 25-45 in different countries: their intentions, behavior, expectations and readiness to interact and demonstrate themselves. This strictly framed communication lifts a question of gaze: it’s dominance, reflection, and exploiting aspect.