• Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits


    3-channel video installation (13:30/ 10:00/ 41:25)



    Several years ago I refused eating meat entirely. Insisting neither on ecological nor ethical aspects, I could only guess which machinery of a personal eschatology affected my alimentary choice. 
    The nucleus of my work “Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits” is a reflection on the nature of food politics; the transition of biopolitics into necropolitics; the establishment of ethics as a product of a dominant ideology; the role of trauma, memory and speech in the shaping of consumer’s choice. 

    /.../ Talking around a menu of totalitarian hunger, where the words fall apart into inedible particles, I commit acts of ritual gardening: producing food, worshipping ethics of herbivore, staging a curing reenactment of a historical trauma. This psychodrama is performed by several protagonists symbolising human and non-human animals. A dump, too, is a space of displacement: a playground for political expression of the freegan, a place of survival for the homeless, a border between human and animal worlds, apparently the last place where one can witness the wildlife apart from the zoo. 
    /.../ The book “Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits” manifests itself as a speculative cookbook. Following the tradition of modernists’ experiments with collages, it reads a concept of food as text, glues it together with the aspects of memory, conditions of ideology and visual culture of the present. The shape of the book, which can be described as an inverse or wrongly assembled magazine, enhances the ubiquitous message of the omnipresent ideology devouring any nutritional value.