• Re-animation Platform

    Platform to reanimate frozen artistic ideas

    Every artist has faced this problem that s/he realises far less than conceived. It can be connected with the lack of resources, finances or motivation. Some postpone ideas for the better times. Some are suffering under this load. 
    The concept of the authorship was seriously questioned by the poststructuralism focused on the dominance of meaning formative text upon an authors individuality. These days, rough competitive conditions of cognitive capitalism drive back to the individualism. The irony is how by the name of the one artist can work an entire enterprise. 
    In the frames of a constant psychological and financial stress the very process of creation, and mainly, the pleasure from the creation process, severely suffer. 

    We believe that art not only serves to fulfil the growing demands of art-market, we believe in the power of meaning. Thats why the unrealised ideas must live.