• Negative Space 2018

    Duration 7:30’

    Full-HD, colour, stereo

    English subtitles

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    Idea, text, editing: Ksenia Yurkova

    Music: NACHALO (Solo Operator (baritone saxophone loopers)

    and Innokin (electro-acoustic cello)


    In her piece, Ksenia Yurkova is mixing private, intimate material with found footage, juxtaposing unrelated narratives, tailoring them together by using unobvious formal and metaphoric elusive bonds. This cross-influence has the power to make the material simultaneously grotesque and disturbing. Its theme, at first glance, can be comprehended as an accentuation of the pronouncedly inverted relations. Whose liminality is revealed through a non-distinction of a real and unreal beholder. But more important is the question put in between of the disjoin screens: whether these visuals can operate as an enclosed structure, or it has a slit for a peeping gaze: through an interruption, an interval, a promise.