• Deep Eating 2017


    In 1990’s John Divola’s in his “The Green of this Notebook“ used existential poetics to address the essential nature of the photographic process of a predigital era. The series of images were corresponding to the reference on pages from Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness“ with some visual narrative,  based on an appreciation of the subjective and expressive power of the examples from the reality. 'Deep Eating' focuses on radically different actors: a machine in the object recognitions deep learning process, and the reference to the resulting judgment to the existing data provided by the Google Books library.If the machine sense does exist, it exists in the useless texts. Encoded with irrelevant illustrations. Divola visualized text, which implemented the western cultural code. Playing the other way round, by verifying a new value of a random choice from the speech abyss, one can believe to penetrate another modality of seeing.